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3UAS: Changes in 3UAS libraries spring 2019

New in 3UAS libraries

Haaga-Helia, Laurea and Metropolia libraries (3UAS-libraries) will introduce a joint library system in May 2019. Customer registers and printed collections are unified. This page gives information about the changes.


Databases are unified on 13.5. – 19.5.2019.  During this time period you are not able to
-    loan, return or reserve printed books
-    pay fines
-    log into your library patron information from HH Finna

Some libraries are closed during the data transfer. Please check the opening hours from:

Joint collection

  • You can search for books located in all 3UAS libraries at the same time
  • Libraries' own search interfaces: Haaga-Helia Finna, Laurea Finna and MetCat Finna are the gateways to the joint collection


  • Each 3UAS library subscribes licensed e-material, which is only accessible for their own students and staff
  • Remote access to this licensed material requires your own UAS student number and password
  • Most of the licensed material can be used locally in campuses

Joint customer register

Finding your own library customer information

  • If you log in with HAKA (Haaga-Helia student or staff member), information can be found via HH Finna
  • If you log in with your library card number (other customers), information can be found via any 3UAS Finna  

Customers who have registered to more than one 3UAS library

  • Information about loans and fees are unified
  • There can be only one active library card and email address
  • We will inform later of the principles of unifying personal data

Privacy statement and customer rights

  • All customers will get an email about the transfer of customer information
  • If a customer doesn’t want their information to be transferred to the joint register, they should inform the library
  • Customer information can be removed from the register if there are no active loans or unpaid fees
  • Privacy statement of the joint customer register will be published later

Unified rules and regulations

The rules of 3UAS libraries

  • New unified library rules will be published on the webpages of each 3UAS-libraries

Loan periods

  • Main collection 28 days
  • Short loans (course books) 14 days
  • Reference  books and reading room copies can’t be loaned

 Overdue fines

  • Overdue fee for all loans: 0,50 € / day / item
  • Maximum payment of overdue fines per item: 15 €
  • Maximum payment of overdue fines per customer: 80 €
  • Limit of fines for losing borrowing rights: 15 €
  • Overdue fines will not accumulate when a library is closed


  • A loan can be renewed max 10 times. Then it must be returned.


  • You can reserve a book from all 3UAS-libraries using HH Finna, Laurea Finna or MetCat Finna. Please note:  Haaga-Helia Vierumäki campus sends books only if other libraries don’t have available copies.
  • You can reserve via Finna also books, which are available on the shelf
  • Reserved books are kept for 4 days
  • reservations aren’t picked up on time, the fee is 2 € / title

Visiting the 3UAS libraries

You can

  • use the same library card in all 3UAS libraries
  • return your loans to any of the 3UAS libraries
  • pay overdue fines to any of the 3UAS libraries
  • pay overdue fines online via any 3UAS library database: HH Finna, Laurea Finna or MetCat Finna