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How to search for information: Writing and research methods

Reporting guidelines at Haaga-Helia

The reporting guidelines on MyNet provide instructions on writing reports and theses, using sources and managing references, as well as the layout of theses at Haaga-Helia. When your thesis is finished, check the instructions on submitting and publishing a thesis.
The reporting guidelines specify Haaga-Helia's own citation style. However, you can also use the Harvard style available on RefWorks, if you mention it in the introduction of the report.

Guidebooks on academic writing

Search for books on academic writing in HH Finna >>.

Books on research methods

Search HH Finna for books on research methods. Use keywords such as:

  • research methods
  • methodology
  • statistical methods
  • quantitative research
  • quantitative methods
  • qualitative research
  • qualitative methods

Tool for easy referencing and bibliogaphy: RefWorks

Use RefWorks, a tool which helps you to

  • collect sources
  • make references and bibliography in an easy way

For more information, see our RefWorks guide.


Good scientific practice

First, take a look at Haaga-Helia's ethical principles on MyNet.

Remember copyrights!

E-materials and terms of use

The e-materials offered in the network of Haaga-Helia solely intended for use by Haaga-Helia students and staff for personal study and research purposes. Secondary use of materials is not permitted.

Typically, the conditions of use cover the following:

  • How and for what purpose the e-material may be used
  • Who may use the material
  • The physical location (place of use) where the material may be used
  • How the material can be copied, printed, etc.
  • In general, the conditions of use exclude all commercial purposes

The user is always responsible for reading the conditions of use, and they must be read before using the e-material in question. Copyright legislation does not recognise the concept of “good faith" (i.e. if a person does not know or hasn't read the content of the conditions of use, it does not relieve him/her from liability for the misuse or unlicensed use of the material).

More information on user licences