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Mendeley Reference Management: Exporting references from RefWorks to Mendeley

Exporting references

Haaga-Helia's RefWorks subscription is ending 31 December 2021. If you want to keep on utilizing references saved in RefWorks, you need to export them to Mendeley or another reference management software. Deadline for exporting references is 28 February 2022. However, individual users can contact the RefWorks support team even after this deadline should they need help exporting their references from RefWorks.

Haaga-Helia’s library provides support for using Mendeley and exporting references from RefWorks to Mendeley.

Join our training sessions!

Library arranges two training sessions on exporting references from RefWorks to Mendeley. The sessions are held on Teams.

How to export from RefWorks

References can be exported from RefWorks to Mendeley in various ways. The easy way explained below has been tested by Haaga-Helia's library.

1. Log in to your RefWorks account.

You can export all of your references at the same time in All references. Please note the folder structure you have used in RefWorks will not be transferred to Mendeley this way. If you wish to keep the folders, export your references one folder at a time.

N.B.! The full text documents in your RefWorks account are not exported. Remember to save them separately. You can add them one by one to your references in Mendeley. Any notes you have entered for the documents in RefWorks are not saved with the documents. You will need to annotate them again Mendeley.

2. Go to the RefWorks folder you want to export. In the top navigation, select Share then Export references.

3. In Format, select RIS Format. Click Export.

4. Select Save file and click OK.

Files are usually saved in the Downloads folder of your computer, unless you have chosen to save downloaded documents into another file. To help you identify files you've exported, you may want to rename the files. The default name of files exported from RefWorks are called export.ris.

5. Open Mendeley Web or Mendeley Reference Manager.

6. Select Add new then Import library and RIS.

7. Select the RIS file you exported from RefWorks.

Your references are saved on your Mendeley account. They will be synchronized between Mendeley Web and Mendeley Reference Manager versions, so you can use either one of them. The references are saved in Mendeley's cloud.

8. Create a collection by clicking New Collection in the side menu on the left. Give a name to your collection.

9. Move references to your collection either by drag-and-drop or selecting the references and clicking Organize on the bottom of the page. References are always shown in All references as well.

Exporting from RefWorks Legacy

If you have used the older RefWorks Legacy, read a guide by the University of Turku Library for instructions.

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