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Guide to Publishing: Publication register

Reporting a publication

How to report my publication?

The library gathers information on Haaga-Helia personnels´ publications and reports them forward to The Ministry of Education and Culture.

Personnel report their publications to Justus. Log in to Justus with your HH network account details. If you already do not have an e-Duuni ID, Justus will first ask your name and organization information. After that, the log in will work by using your HH network account.

In Justus:

1. Select Save publication

2. If your publication has an assigned DOI identifier, you can use the DOI identifier to retrieve the publication information. You can also retrieve publication information from Juuli or Crossref -services with using headline, and use that information in your report. You can also skip these and just fill in the information manually.

3. Check the publication type and fill the form. Minimum required information is marked with an asterisk *. You can find more information on publications types here on this page and you can also contact the library with questions regarding the publication type (Antti Nyqvist).

4. Report the publications also for other HH authors by inserting their information on the Organisation´s authors and Organisational unit -fields. Those authors marked as Organisation´s authors do not have to report the publication. You can use the Prefill-function in inserting Organisation´s authors information.

5. In the Self-archiving section, insert the Authors Accepted Manuscript -file of your publication if you are reporting a publication type A or C or D. If your publications is not these types, you can select "non-archivable publication".

If you have any questions regarding self-archiving, please contact the library.

6. Check the information and save.

In Justus you can browse the publications you have reported. All publications reported to Justus will be checked and validated by the library before the information is reported to the ministry. You can browse all reported and validated publications in Juuli and Research Information Hub. You can find some national and organization publication statistics in Vipunen.

Reporting APC-fees

Reporting APC-fees

If there are article processing charges (APC´s) relating to your publication, disclose them in the field Publication fee. Notify also the year of apc-fee payment. You can also give additional information about the payment, f.ex. was it covered by project funding or unit of the author or some other institution. APC-fees are a common business model in a number of OA and hybrid-journals.

What qualifies as a publication?

Publication refers e.g. to articles written for professional journals, scientific articles, texts written for the public and professional books. Conference publications are also accepted if they have an ISBN or if they have been published online in their entirety and are free to read.

The text must be connected to the author’s work.

The definition of publication is based on the publication type list of the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Publication types

A Peer-reviewed scientific articles

A1 Journal article (refereed), original research
A2 Review article, Literature review, Systematic review
A3 Book section, Chapters in research books
A4 Conference proceedings

B Non-refereed scientific articles

B1 Non-refereed journal articles
B2 Book section
B3 Non-refereed conference proceedings

C Scientific books (monographs)

C1 Book
C2 Book (editor), chapters in research books, conference proceedings or special issue of a journal

​D Publications intended for professional communities

D1 Article in a trade journal
D2 Article in a professional book (incl. an introduction by the editor)
D3 Professional conference proceedings
D4 Published development or research report or study
D5 Textbook, professional manual or guide
D6 Edited professional book

​E Publications intended for the general public

E1 Popularised article, newspaper article
E2 Popularised monograph
E3 Edited popular books
G Theses
I Audiovisual material, ICT applications
I1 Audiovisual material
I2 ICT software

Publication rewards

You can be eligible for a reward for publishing if your publication meets the following conditions:

- The publication has been written by a member of HH staff.
- The publication has been registered in JUSTUS.
- The publication mentions that the author is a Haaga-Helia expert.

Haaga-Helia wants to encourage its personnel to write and publish with the incentive of rewards for publishing. The management has decided on the details of the payment of rewards which can be found on HH intranet .

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