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Guide to Publishing: External publications

General information

In addition to Haaga-Helias peer-reviewed scientific articles and extensive publications in the Haaga-Helia publication series, for example an article in a professional journal or a column-type text published in an external media can be considered as a publication. Therefore, it is strongly recommendable to publish short texts, such as professional articles or columns!

Shorter texts do not require as much work and time as a broader publications in the Haaga-Helia series. However, they increase the visibility of Haaga-Helia and its professionals in the media, and thus their effectiveness and attractiveness.

Publication coordinator will help and assist with all types of texts. If you're wondering whether or not you're text is a publication, please open the next tab, "Publication register".

Peer reviewed scientific articles

Peer review of a scientific publication refers to a procedure whereby a journal, conference or book publisher invites scientific experts to make an estimate of the scientific publishingability of the manuscript.

A peer reviewed article can be one of the following:

  •     Original article in scientific journal
  •     Review article in scientific journal
  •     An article, an introduction or a preface in a published scientific compilation consisting of several articles by different authors
  •     Article in conference proceedings.

For more information about peer review and various types of peer-reviewed publications, see  Publication register.


'The UAS Journal online publication focuses on education, research and development activities in the fields of practice-oriented higher education in Finland. The UAS Journal is published by the Rectors’ Conference of Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences (Arene) and has been financed by the universities of applied sciences since 2010.

The UAS Journal is open-access, free-of-charge online journal and includes four issues a year. The articles are published mainly in Finnish, with summaries in English.

We urge Haagahelians to offer their articles to UAS Journal. For more information on the upcoming themes of the magazine, contact the publication coordinator. Further information is also available on the Journal's website.

Professional articles

We encourage everyone to offer their texts to professional magazines. Even longer studies or reviews of Haaga-Helia publication series can be processed to shorter texts suitable for professional journals.

Texts published in newspapers and magazines

Articles published in newspapers and magazines can also be counted as Haaga-Helia publications if the Haagahelians themselves have written them. Interviews and other media appearance are not considered publications.

Columns and blogs

Blog posts were previously not considered as publications, however blog posts published now in external medias are accepted as publications.

Publication must always have a nonpartisan publisher who decides to publish the article. For example, an article-based blog post on a professional magazine website which clearly shows the author's name and publication time can be considered as a publication.

Still, texts published in private blogs (eg Wordpress, LinkedIn or Blogger) that have not gone through an editorial screening or editing process are not considered as publications.

Saavutettavuusseloste / Accessibility Statement