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How to search for information: Writing and research methods

Reporting guidelines at Haaga-Helia

The reporting guidelines on MyNet provide instructions on writing reports and theses, using sources and managing references, as well as the layout of theses at Haaga-Helia. When your thesis is finished, check the instructions on submitting and publishing a thesis.

The reporting guidelines specify Haaga-Helia's own citation style. However, you can also use the Harvard style available on RefWorks, if you mention it in the introduction of the report.

Referencing guide
•    A comprehensive set of examples on different types of sources and references
•    Information and tests on referencing and plagiarism

Guidebooks on academic writing

Search for books on academic writing in HH Finna >>.

Books on research methods

Search HH Finna for books on research methods. Use keywords such as:

  • research methods
  • methodology
  • statistical methods
  • quantitative research
  • quantitative methods
  • qualitative research
  • qualitative methods

Tool for easy referencing and bibliography: RefWorks

Use RefWorks, a tool which helps you to

  • collect sources
  • make references and bibliography in an easy way

For more information, see our RefWorks guide.


Good scientific practice

First, take a look at Haaga-Helia's ethical principles on MyNet.

Remember copyrights!