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Referencing: RefWorks

What is RefWorks?

  • RefWorks is a web-based bibliography and reference management programme
  • There are many different reference management programmes, but you may use RefWorks for free, if you create an account by using your Haaga-Helia email address.

Why to use RefWorks?

  • You can store all your references easily in one place.
  • You can import references from various databases.
  • RefWorks automatically formats your references in your chosen referencing style.
  • RefWorks allows you to add in-text citations and creates a list of references quickly and easily. You still need to know the rules of referencing, as you may need to edit references manually.

Tutorial video

How do I learn to use RefWorks?

  • You can learn to use RefWorks with the help of our RefWorks guide. You may want to consult the guide whenever you encounter a problem or just wish to remind yourself of the software's features.
  • Haaga-Helia Library organises training session that are open to everyone and require no advance registration. Find more information about the upcoming training sessions on the home page of HH Finna.
  • You may also request a personal guidance session by filling in this form.