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Referencing: Urkund plagiarism detection software

What is Urkund?

Urkund is a software used to track plagiarism. Urkund makes it possible to check whether theses and other student assignments contain plagiarism. Urkund compares a document’s content with materials already saved in the Urkund database, open access Internet sites and other e-materials.

Your teacher will tell you if the course assignments are to be submitted via Urkund. All theses at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences are checked using the Urkund software.

How it works

1. Your teacher will give you an e-mail address, where you will submit your study assignment as an attachment

  • The address format is teacher's
  • Note that theses are submitted to Urkund via Konto thesis management programme.

2. Send your assignment as an attachment to the email address

  • The preferred format is Word.
  • The text must include at least 400 characters.
  • The file name should be short, with no special characters, such as comma (,), hyphen (-), or spaces.
  • Do not include any other personal information than your name (e.g. social security number or student number).
  • Do not share a file that contains any personal or confidential information. For example, if your assignment contains confidential corporate or trade information, deliver them to your supervisor separately, not via Urkund. More information on Handling business and trade secrets in theses.

3. You will receive an email confirming that your text has been received

  • Document will be saved in the Urkund database and as a result anyone who plagiarises your work in the future will be revealed.
  • If you do not wish your text to be used as a source in Urkund plagiarism checks, click the link provided at the bottom of the confirmation email: “Follow this link if you wish to prohibit the use of your document as described above.” A new window will open and by clicking 'Exempt document' you can restrict the visibility of your document.
  • After the restriction your document is still saved in the database, but will only be used as reference material when analysing new documents submitted from Haaga-Helia.

4. Urkund analyses your assignment and sends a report to the teacher

  • Your teacher will assess your assignment according to the Urkund analysis. The report will not be sent to the student, but if need be the student can ask to see the report.

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