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RefWorks (subscription ending): How to use RefWorks at Haaga-Helia

Subscription ends 31 December 2021. We do not recommend using it in new projects.


RefWorks subscription is ending 31 December 2021, because the terms of the licence agreement are not compatible with the General Data Protection Regulation of EU. We do not recommend using RefWorks in new projects.

If you want to keep on utilizing references saved in RefWorks, you need to export them to another reference management software.

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Quick guide: how to use RefWorks at Haaga-Helia

Writing reports and theses at Haaga-Helia guidelines specify Haaga-Helia's own citation style. However, you can also use a style (for instance Harvard) available on RefWorks, if you mention it in the introduction of your report. When using Refworks, you should not try to edit the style according the Haaga-Helia guidelines so it is also a good idea to check the use of the Harvard style with your thesis advisor.

Follow these steps and you will get citations and bibliography to your paper in Harvard citation style. The links take you to instructions in this guide:

  1. Create a RefWorks account.
  2. Install Write-N-Cite or RefWorks Citation Manager to Microsoft Word (Write-N-Cite ready on computers at Haaga-Helia campus).
  3. Install Save to RefWorks to your browser.
  4. Create folder(s) in RefWorks.
  5. Change citation style (for instance Harvard).
  6. In Microsoft Word, click Sync my database – to see Harvard as a citation style in Word.
  7. Collect references to RefWorks.
  8. Check the references and edit missing data.
  9. Write your paper and get citations from RefWorks.
  10. Edit the layout of bibliography (line spacing, margins) to follow Haaga-Helia's guidelines.
  11. When your paper is ready, create bibliography with a click of a button!

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