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RefWorks (subscription ending): Google Docs

Subscription ends 31 December 2021. We do not recommend using it in new projects.

Managing references in Google Docs

  • You can install RefWorks add-on to Google Docs either from the Tool menu (three dots) in RefWorks or directly in Google Docs.

Install in RefWorks

1. Click Tools (three dots)  on the top menu and go to Cite in Google Docs.

2. Click Get the Add On.

3. Install by clicking + FREE.


Install in Google Docs

1. Open Google Docs. Click Add-ons on top menu, then Get Add-ons

2. Write refworks in the search box.

3. Click + FREE.

4. Accept ProQuest RefWorks add-on, select continue.

5. Login with your Google ID.

6. You'll see this window (below), answer Allow.

7. ProQuest RefWorks add-on will be shown in the Add-ons menu in Google Docs.


1. To log in RefWorks Citation Manager go to Add-onsProquest RefWorks - Manage Citations.

2. Enter your RefWorks ID and password and Log in.

3. RefWorks Citation Manager will open to the right hand side of Google Docs.


1. Select Add-onsProQuest RefWorks - Manage citations.

2. A window opens on the right. Click gear icon and select Change citation style.

2. Enter the name of the citation style you want. Click Update.


1. You can browse All references or one folder at a time. Click in top of All references to see all your folders. You can also Search for a specific reference.

2. Insert a reference with Cite this. To insert several citations, click Cite this on top of all references you want to include in the citation.

3. Before you add a citation in your text, you can also edit a citation: insert page numbers, hide authors, etc. Select Edit and Cite. Do the editing in Edit citation window, then click Insert.

Adding page numbers with Edit and Cite is not available for all citation styles. see picture below: Page(s) option is inactive. You can add page numbers directly to your Google Docs document manually after having added the citation with Cite this or Edit and Cite. N.B.! Never edit citations manually in Word documents!


1. Delete a citation from your document like you would delete any text.

2. To remove the citation from bibliography, click the gear icon and Update document.


In Google Docs there is no need to separately add a bibliography. It will automatically be updated at the end of your text.

Remember to update the bibliography after deleting citations. Click the gear icon and Update document.


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