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RefWorks: Bibliography without Write-N-Cite

Create a bibliography in RefWorks

You can create a bibliography using all references in RefWorks or references in a single folder.

1. To create a bibliography for a single folder, go to that folder first.

3. Click '' icon and select Create bibliography.

4. In the next window you will see a bibliography of references in the folder. If you want to include all references in the folder, select All references. Selected references allows you to choose the references you want.

If you do not want to use the citation style shown on the top of the page (Harvard in the example below), open the menu to select the style.

5. Click Copy to Clipboard and paste it  (Ctrl+V) to your document.

N.B.! The selected Output style (for instance Harvard) defines the final format of the bibliography, such as the order in which refrences are listed.