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E-books: User guides

Use all e-books by logging in with Haaga-Helia's user ID and password (HAKA login).


Due to increased use, e-book services and other online services may be slow or down. Try opening the e-book at a less-busy time of the day.

Check at least these, if an e-book is not working

  • Make sure you have used HAKA login (the same Haaga-Helia’s user ID and password you use when logging in to computers on campus). E-books can’t be used with library card.
  • Do you have Haaga-Helia’s user ID and password? E-books can be used by Haaga-Helia’s students and staff only.
  • Make sure you selected the following link on HH Finna: Linkki verkkoaineistoon (Haaga-Helian lisenssi). If you are not a student or staff member of Laurea or Metropolia, you can’t use their e-books.
  • HAKA gives an error message, even when you selected the correct link? Are you using a network or computer provided by your employer? Could you try accessing the e-book from home?
  • If you can’t download an e-book: check that you have installed the e-book reader software needed. Adobe Acrobat Reader is not sufficient, you need a separate program Adobe Digital Editions.
  • Try another web browser (not Internet Explorer).
If the e-book still doesn’t work
  • Check your internet connection
  • Close your browser and reopen it. Clear browser history.
  • Use the link on HH Finna. Links copied elsewhere or found with a Google search may not work.
  • Do you have a large number of programs and apps open on your computer? Close the unnecessary ones and try again.
  • Check which browsers are supported or recommended by the e-book service. Supported browsers may vary. Internet Explorer is not recommended.
  • Many e-book services provide various ways of reading an e-book: e.g. downloading or online reading. If one way is not working, try another one.
  • Is the number of e-book copies available limited? Are all copies currently in us?  Make a reservation, if the e-book service provides this option.
  • Some e-book services provide information on when the e-books currently in use will be available again. Have another try then.
  • Can you read other e-books on the same e-book service? If you can, there may be a problem with just one book. Contact the library, so we can fix the problem.
  • Some e-book services provide a separate app for reading e-books. Why not try them? See instructions for different e-book services in this guide.

Ebook Central has tens of thousands of mainly English language e-books from various fields of science.  The service includes the former Ebrary and Ebook Library collections. These e-books can be read either directly in your browser or by loaning the books onto your own workstation.

The majority of the books may be loaned for 1-7 days, a few for 1-3 days. You need Adobe Digital Editions, a free program that is different from Adobe Reader. An Adobe ID is required only if you want to transfer a downloaded book to another device, but not if you’re just reading it on the same computer.

You can save books to your own Ebook Central bookshelf, write notes and underline passages in the books and format a limited number pages/book into a normal PDF file. E-books can also be downloaded onto tablet devices (iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab), e-Readers (Sony Reader, Kindle) and smart phones

How to read Ebook Central e-books online on your home computer

  1. Go to HH Finna.
  2. In remote use, remember to log in to HH Finna with your Haaga-Helia user ID and password.
  3. Search for ”Ebook Central”.
  4. Go to Ebook Central by clicking the link "Tietokannan käyttöliittymä".
  5. You can browse books by topics or search by name or subject, e.g. ”business plan”.
  6. Click the book cover to open the e-book in QuickView.

If you get a Bad Request error when trying to access the service, add manually  the correct start of the address https://  and the access will work.

More instructions on using Ebook Central >>

  • incl. downloading e-books to mobile devices, etc.

The Ellibs library includes hundreds of e-book titles in Finnish and English, mainly non-fiction. The e-books have a limited number of concurrent user licences. That is, for each e-book, there are a number of “copies” available for loan, just like with printed books. You can select a loan period of either 10 minutes, 1 day or 7 days (loan periods may vary).

Where can I find the books?

The Ellibs e-books are available in HH Finna or directly on the Ellibs service. Log in to the service with your Haaga-Helia user ID and password (HAKA login). You can either download e-books to your device, read them on your browser of use the Ellibs app.

Download an e-book to your own computer or device (Offline use available with a separate reader program)
1. Create your own Adobe ID.
2. Install an Adobe-compatible reader program, such as Adobe Digital Editions.

3. Activate the reader program using your Adobe ID account information. Your Adobe ID is the email address you used to create the Adobe ID account.
4. Go to the Ellibs service.
5. Log in with your Haaga-Helia user ID and password (HAKA login).
6. Download the book file to your device by tapping the 'Download to your device' button. The right to borrow books will be transferred to your device as a separate “URLLink.acsm” file. Open the file in the reader program.

Read an e-book online
1. Go to the Ellibs service.
2. Log in with your Haaga-Helia user ID and password (HAKA login).
3. Borrow the book by tapping the "Read online" button and begin reading.

Read an e-book or listen to an audiobook with the Ellibs app
1. Download the Ellibs app

2. Log in to your own library (Haaga-Helia) with the app.
3. Borrow an e-book or audiobook by tapping the 'Borrow' button. The e-book will automatically appear in the reader screen when it is borrowed. When borrowing an audiobook, the 'Borrow' button will change into a 'Listen' button. When the button is tapped, the app will open the play screen and you may begin listening to the audiobook. In both cases, the e-book/audiobook can be accessed later on the 'My Bookshelf' screen.

Read e-books with a reader
First, download the e-book to your computer (See instructions above) and then transfer it to the reader using the computer reader program. When you connect the reader to a USB port on the computer, the device will appear on the reader programme menu and you will be able to copy the e-book file to the reader.

More detailed instructions on how to transfer and download e-books can be found in the instructions included with the device. Also refer to the Adobe list of supported readers, which you can use to download Ellibs e-books.

Can e-books be reserved?

If all copies of a book are on loan, it may be possible for you to make a reservation. The books available for reservation are clearly marked with a Reserve button. Books in PDF format cannot be reserved.

You will be notified by e-mail when the reserved book is available on your bookshelf in Ellibs. Making a reservation is free of charge.

Don’t worry about returning an e-book

At the end of the loan period, the electronic book file will close automatically. You don’t have to worry about due dates. If you wish, though, you can return e-books earlier.

Dawsonera is a multidisciplinary collection of e-books. Haaga-Helia's collection includes, for instance, many course books.

The service allows you to preview all books, including the ones not purchased by the Haaga-Helia library. Preview is available for 5 minutes. In addition, you can suggest books for purchase.

How to read Dawsonera e-books online:

  1. Go to HH Finna.
  2. In remote use, remember to log in to HH Finna with your Haaga-Helia user ID and password.
  3. Search for "Dawsonera"
  4. Enter the Dawsonera service by clicking the database name.
  5. Accept Terms and Conditions by clicking "Accept".
  6. Select "eBook Catalogue" to view library's collection of Dawsonera e-books. Books in the library collection are marked with an icon of green open lock.
  7. You can search for a book by name or topic, such as "sales management".
  8. Select "Read online" (computer icon). Some Dawsonera e-books are available for downloading as pdf files to your own device for offlline reading for 1-7 days (see instructions below).
  9. To end: close Dawsonera and close your browser.

How to download a Dawsonera e-book

Some Dawsonera e-books are available for downloading as pdf files to your own device for offlline reading for 1-7 days. Some books cannot be downloaded.

To download a book, you need a reader software. Below instructions on downloading with Adobe Digital Editions. In addition, Dawsonera e-books can be read with Kortext (see instructions here).

  1. Follow steps 1-7 above.
  2. Click the 'Download ebook' button.
  3. Select loan period (1-7 days)
  4. Download reader software Adobe Digital Editions for free, if you don't have it.
  5. If you’ve not previously used Adobe Digital Editions before, you will be asked to authorise the computer/device you are using:

    You can login using an Adobe ID or continue without using an Adobe ID. Sign up for a free Adobe ID here - Click “Get an Adobe ID” and follow the on-screen instructions. Using an Adobe ID allows you to download the same eBooks on up to six devices, as long as you've authorized each device with the same Adobe ID (more instructions here).

    If you would like to continue without an Adobe ID, click “I want to authorise my computer without an ID”.
  6. Downloading begins. As soon as the download is complete, you'll be prompted to choose a location to save the file. Click "Save" and open the file from your chosen location.

Ebsco's e-books can be read online with an internet browser. Some of the books can also be downloaded. Online reading requires an internet connection while reading, whereas downloaded books can be read offline.

To read Ebsco eBooks online:

  1. Ebsco recommends the following browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and IE 10.0 or newer.
  2. Search the book in HH Finna.
  3. Click the link E-Resource. You are directed to the Ebsco eBook Collection interface. You will be asked for Haaga-Helia's user ID and password, if you are accessing the resources outside Haaga-Helia's network.
  4. Open the e-book by clicking the link Full text (PDF Full text or EPUB Full text).

To download Ebsco eBooks onto your device:

  1. Search for the book in Ebsco eBook Collection. If you found the book in HH Finna, go to Ebsco eBook Collection and search for the book again.
  2. Log in with your Ebsco user ID. If you do not yet have an account in Ebsco, select "Create a new account" and register as a user.
  3. Select Download (Offline).
  4. Select loan period. The e-book will download onto your device for a maximum period of 7 days.
  5. Open the e-book in Adobe Digital Editions. Download Adobe Digital Editions, if you don't have it.
  6. Next, give your Adobe ID. If you don't have it, register for one. 
  7. Open the e-book in Adobe Digital Editions. N.B. It may take a moment for the book to download.

Reserving an e-book:

Ebsco's e-books can be used by 1 or 3 users at the same time. The number of user licenses vary. If the e-book is not available, you can reserve it. To reserve a book, you need to log in with your Ebsco user ID.

CABI’s Leisure and Tourism eBooks collection provides over 130 books from the leisure, recreation, sport, hospitality, tourism and culture sectors. Books are presented in easy-to-navigate PDF files. The dynamic file continues to grow year on year ensuring up-to-date high quality content.

To read Leisure Tourism eBooks online:

  1. Open the Leisure Tourism
  2. Select the appropriate topic you wish to search by clicking the "search within topic" box.
  3. Choose "Cabi book info" from "Filter by type" box.
  4. Once selected click the "Search" button.
  5. Filter your search further by adding additional terms from the right hand column.
  6. You can also search for a book by name or topic, such as "tourism management".
  7. Need more help? Read CABeBooks user guide

You will be asked for Haaga-Helia's user ID and password, if you are accessing the resources outside Haaga-Helia's network.





Safari O'Reilly for Higher Education (formerly Safari Books Online) includes a large collection of e-books, videos, audio books and online courses mainly on IT and business.

How to read Safari O'Reilly for Higher Education e-books

1. Go to Safari O'Reilly for Higher Education.
2. Log in with your Haaga-Helia e-mail address.

  • It is also possible to create a personal account. When you sign in, you will receive an email with instruction on how to create an account. If you create a personal account, you need to sign in with this account ID (and not with your e-mail address

3. Search for the book you need. You can search by title or author or browse books by topic.
4. You can read an e-book directly in a browser. No e-book reader needed.
5. Click the cover of the book and you’ll see the book’s description and table of contents.
6. Click the button ”Start reading now”.


How to download Safari O'Reilly for Higher Education e-books to mobile devices
E-books can be downloaded to a mobile app (Android and iOS). The mobile app requires you to create a personal account (see step 2 above).

Safari O’Reilly for Higher Education: User Guide


Loan period is one day.

How to read Vitalsource Bridgen e-books in your browser

  1. Go to Vitalsource Bridge.
  2. Select a book and click Activate and then Launch.
  3. You don't need to give an email address and create an account to read books in your browser. You can click No thanks, I’ll skip this step.
  4. Accept Terms of use.
  5. The book opens for you to read.

If you wish to download an e-book, you have to create an account in Vitalsource Bridge and to download Bookshelf reader software.

  1. Go to Vitalsource Bridge.
  2. Select a book and click Activate and then Launch.
  3. Give your email address and create an account.
  4. Accept Terms of use.
  5. The book opens for you to read.
  6.  Download the reader app Booshelf:  iTunes App Store (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch), Google Play (Android), Mac or PC: download Bookshelf  here.
  7. Open the  Bookshelf app on your device.
  8.  N.B.! You can only download books you have Launched in your browser and while you were logged in to your account. It's not possible to browse all e-books in the Bookshelf app.
  9. Download the book by clicking the book cover in Bookshelf.

You can make highlights and notes in the e-books (video tutorial "Highlights and notes). If you have an account, your notes will be saved on your account and you can share them with other users.

VitalSource Bridge video tutorials