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Guide to Publishing: Haaga-Helia Publication Series

Publishing in the Haaga-Helia publication series

Haaga-Helia Publication Series

Haaga-Helia's publication series includes all the publications published by Haaga-Helia. In the publication series Haaga-Helia publishes, for example, extensive researches, collections of articles, individual long articles, guides, and textbooks.

All Haaga-Helia publications are available for sale or for download at the Haaga-Helia webshop

The Publishing committee of Haaga-Helia makes all the decisions regarding the publication series. The committee includes Kristiina Havas, Anna Hermiö, Annica Isacsson, Eeva Klinga-Hyöty, Jari Laukia, Ari Nevalainen, Satu Koivisto, Martin Stenberg, Antti Nyqvist and Marianne Wegmüller. If you have a proposal for a new HH publication, please submit a proposal in good time to the publication coordinator ( so that it can be processed at the Publishing commitee's next meeting.

Below more information on the publishing process and, for example, the marketing of the publications.



Preliminary meeting

Before starting to work on a publication, a preliminary meeting with the authors or some of them, possible editors and the publication coordinator should be arranged.

At the meeting the following issues are agreed upon:

- The timetable and progress of the publication process.
- Whether the publication is going to be printed and what is the desired print volume, or whether an online publication is sufficient.
- The goals and targets of the publication (publication coordinator needs this information for the Publication committee).
- The coarse structure of the publication.
- Marketing of the publication.

Pricing of a publication

Publications funded by an RDI project are always free of charge. In other publications, the basic principle is that the printed price is 25 euros and the pdf version is 20 euros.

After a six-month embargo period the pdf version will be free of charge, ie freely downloaded in accordance with the principles of open access.

Publication process

The publication process proceeds as follows:

1. In a case of a RDI publication, a project plan, also including the process plan and budget for the publication, is produced.
2. Publication proposal is presented to the Publication committee via the publication coordinator
3. Plan for a schedule and a preliminary structure is produced.
4. In a case of an article collection where some of the authors are non-Haagahelians, a meeting between the authors and the publication coordinator should be arranged, as well as possible instructions for writers presented.
5. Editing the manuscript (outsourced).
6. Finished manuscript
7. Layout / web publication layout, and possibly printing
8. Finished publication
9. Sale and marketing


It is advisable to reserve a period of 2 to 3 months for the publication process of a Haaga-Helia publication (writing support, spell check, layout and printing).

When the script is complete, an external editor does the editing and spell checking in collaboration with the authors. After this, the process of the layouting and the possible printing begins. The publication is always published a as an online version (pdf). However, printing is not mandatory.

Timetable example

  • Manuscript for editing 1.9.
  • Editing in cooperation with the authors 1.9.–30.9.
  • Layout 1.10.
  • Layout corrections 15.10.–31.10.
  • Printing 1.11.
  • Finished publication 15.11.

Communications and marketing

Marketing and communication plan will be decided in the preliminary meeting.

The publication is typically marketed using the following means:
- The publication will be downloaded to the Haaga-Helia webshop, from which it will also appear on the e-commerce ad slot at  Haaga-Helia webpage.
- A small news or a ad can be prepared for the stakeholder magazine Signals, Intranet, MyNet and Haaga-Helia webpages.

In addition, publications are often marketed in events associated with the topic, such as seminars.

Content marketing

An effective marketing tool is content marketing, where the marketing text also offers readers value and knowledge.

In practice, blogs or other short, generalized, tightly-defined professional texts based on a wider publication can be prepared and also shared with the media.

A communication and marketing plan for publication can be requested from the publication coordinator. If necessary, a personalized communication and marketing plan can be prepared.

Please, contact the publication coordinator if you need help with choosing a publishing channel or media.

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