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Guide to Publishing: Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Is a blog post a publication?

Yes, if the blog has an external, independent publisher and an editorial board. Blogs accepted as publications can oftentimes be found in professional magazines or are published by non-profit organizations and scientific/professional societies.

Is podcast or a video a publication?

Yes, if the general definition and criteria for publications is met, including an external, independent publisher. Podcast and videos can also be registered as publications if they are ordered and utilized by an external orderer. Sometimes projects receiving outside funding can be regarded as an orderer. The authorship in audiovisual publications is defined somewhat differently from text-based publications, and the author can be a producer, scriptwriter, editor or such.

Is an interview or other article about a haagahelian a publication?

No it is not. The author of the publication must always be you.

Is a conference paper a publication?

In some cases, yes. The conference paper must be published either in print or digital form. Published means the publication is made available for the public, not just for conference participants. An ISBN number is a sure sign of publicity. The conference paper must also be a full paper, the exact definition depending on the conference organizer, and not an abstract, extended abstract, poster etc.

Is an advertisement or an advertorial a publication?

Marketing communication is not a publication. The publication should disseminate information based on scientific research and professional expertise.

What does peer-reviewed mean in a publication?

Peer-review is a practice meant to ensure quality and relevance in scientific publishing, where the publisher requests experts in the field in question to evaluate the scientific merit and overall quality of the manuscript submitted for publication.


Instructions for referencing is eSignals and eSignals PRO can be found in the guide below: Reference help.

In eSignals Research, use APA7 for referencing,

What defines a publication?

A publication is defined in accordance with the publication data collecting guidelines provided by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

The publication must be publicly available to anyone.

The publication channel must have an editorial board or a publisher independent of the author, who makes decisions on publications published on the channel. The publication has not been previously published in a format which can be reported on in the data collection system. The author is linked to the organisation. The publication is based on research or expert activities carried out by the author.

Is there a reward for publishing?

You can be eligible for a reward for publishing if your publication meets publication data collecting criteria and is registered in Justus.

Haaga-Helia wants to encourage its personnel to write and publish with the incentive of rewards for publishing. The management has decided on the details of the payment of rewards which can be found on HH intranet .

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