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Open RDI at Haaga-Helia: General

Open RDI operations

Open RDI (research, development and innovation) is  the response of universities of applied sciences (UAS) to the concept of open science used at universities and research institutes.  Open RDI operations mean the utilisation of open operating models in the research, development and innovation operations of universities of applied sciences.

The goal is to improve the quality, reliability and visibility of RDI operations, and to promote the societal influence of projects and the creation of new innovations. Openness increases the academic merit of researchers and the professional networking of UAS (university of applied sciences) personnel.

Through the extensive availability and accessibility of the materials, methods, publications, expertise and support services of RDI operations, companies, organisations, decision-makers and citizens can participate in making research increasingly broad.

Principles of open RDI

  • The data  and output of RDI operations are as open as possible and as closed as necessary.
  • Data means datasets  produced, modified and used in RDI operations, and on which the output of operations is based.
  • In openness, good data management practice (methods), ethical research principles and legislation are observed.
  • Data security and data protection of confidential/sensitive information are taken care of.
  • Openness is supported by infrastructure, which includes tools and services supporting the storage, use, findability and distribution of the data.
  • Opening the results and data requires work, the costs of which must be taken into account as early as the planning stage.
  • Everyone bears responsibility for observing guidelines.

Useful links

RDI activities at Haaga-Helia

Haaga-Helia’s internal guidelines for those involved in RDI projects have been compiled in the personnel Intranet.

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About this guide

This guide is based on the guides Avoin TKI-toiminta ammattikorkeakouluissa - aineistonhallinnan opas by Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences and Avoin tiede ja tutkimus by the Academic Library of Lahti University of Applied Sciences.

This guide is licensed with Creative Commons license Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)  Creative Commons -lisenssi

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