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Library services: How we purchase materials

Collections policy of Haaga-Helia Library and Information Services

Acquisition objectives and principles

Haaga-Helia Library’s collection policy is the basis for collection work. It defines the principles of material acquisition and collection management. The collections are developed with a user-oriented approach according to the needs of the higher education community. The aim is to provide Haaga-Helia's students and staff information materials needed in teaching, studying, and research and development activities. The Head of Library and Information Services is responsible for the acquisitions policy. The policy is developed and maintained by the Collection Services Team.

Materials are acquired in accordance with Haaga-Helia’s languages of instruction, mainly in Finnish and English. Campus libraries seek to avoid overlaps in their acquisitions. The availability of materials is enhanced by the joint reservation and transportation system of the 3AMK libraries and inter-library loans from other libraries.

Printed materials are purchased from selected contract suppliers. If necessary, other supplier channels can also be used.

We also acquire materials that personnel and projects need in their work. In this case, the acquisition costs are allocated to the responsibility area or project for which the material is acquired.


The library’s printed collection consists of loanable collections and reference and journal materials that can only be used in the library. As a rule, no workbook-type material is acquired for the loanable collection. Material older than three years will be acquired only on special grounds.

In the acquisition of journals and magazines, publications available electronically are preferred.

Electronic materials are available in accordance with the license terms in the Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences network, both on campuses and remotely. Haaga-Helia's external customers can use some of the materials on campus library computers.

The acquisition of electronic materials is centralized. We mainly acquire materials licensed for the entire organization. The usage statistics and customer feedback of the materials are actively monitored and taken into account when making possible follow-up purchases and withdrawals.


Theses are stored in digital form mainly in the Theseus online service. Older paper-based theses are placed in storage, where they can be reserved from and borrowed.

Open publishing

The professional and scientific publications of Haaga-Helia’s personnel are self-archived in the Theseus online service. We support the availability and visibility of open access materials in HH Finna.

Collections review and withdrawals

The currency and usability of the collections are evaluated regularly. Borrowing and usage statistics, as well as customer feedback are used in the evaluation. Material that is outdated, in poor condition or has low demand is withdrawn from the collections. The withdrawn material is sent to the National Repository Library or recycled in the library premises, as deemed appropriate. Haaga-Helia’s library is not a preserving library.


The library may accept donations that complement or replace existing collections. The library has the right to decide on the use of the donated material and its inclusion in the collections.

Validity of the collection policy

The collection policy is valid until further notice and is revised as necessary.

Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, Information and Library Services
27 October 2023

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