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Library services: Inter-library loans

Inter-library loans for students and staff of Haaga-Helia, Laurea, Metropolia and Sport Institute of Finland

If a book or an article cannot be found in the 3AMK libraries (Haaga-Helia, Laurea, and Metropolia), the library can arrange an inter-library loan from other libraries in Finland. We do not request inter-library loans from libraries in the Helsinki metropolitan area. Please contact your campus library for further information or fill in the inter-library form .

Inter-library loans to other libraries

Haaga-Helia library has a joint customer database and search interface with Laurea and Metropolia libraries. Inter-library requests are sent to the organization whose book is requested.

Materials available for inter-library loans to other libraries:

  • Library materials with a loan period of 28 days (excluding AV-materials)
  • Theses for reading room loans (excluding the theses submitted before 2005 at Haaga campus)
  • Copies of articles

The charge for inter-library loans is 9 € / loan and photocopies: 1-30 pages € 7; additional pages € 0.20 / page. Inter-library loans are invoiced once a year and are subject to separate invoicing fee of 15 €.

To place an order from Haaga-Helia's collections, please contact Pia Päivänsalo, tel. +358 40 488 7491.


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