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Library and information services for staff: Welcome

Visiting the library

Haaga-Helia has a library on all five campuses: Haaga, Malmi, Pasila, Porvoo, and Vierumäki. All 3AMK libraries (Haaga-Helia, Laurea, and Metropolia) are at your service.

Please make sure not to take materials from the library without loaning them using a loaning machine or dealing with a member of library staff. If you want to visit the library or bring a group of students to learn about the library outside its opening hours, please make sure to arrange the matter in advance with the library.

Library card

You need a library card to borrow print items from the library. The same card is used in all 3AMK libraries (Haaga-Helia, Laurea, and Metropolia).

Apply for your library card online and come visit the library. If you're new to Haaga-Helia, contact your unit's information specialist or librarian to arrange a library orientation session and pick-up of your library card. Remember to bring a photo ID with you.

Library cards are personal and the card owner is responsible for all materials borrowed using his or her card. For this reason, we do not recommend that you loan materials borrowed using your card to students, for example.

When you've received your library card, you need to link it to your HH Finna account . See an instruction video on YouTube  .

If you prefer, you can also activate your library card in Tuudo mobile app.

If you can't find what you're looking for in our library...

Make an acquisition request >>

Search other libraries

If the material you need is sold out or cannot be added to the library's collection for some other reason, check the availability of the material in other libraries.

  • , search service for finding material from archives, libraries, museums and other organisations

Inter-library loans

Materials from libraries outside of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area can only be received at as inter-library loans. For Haaga-Helia personnel, they are free of charge. However, we do not request inter-library loans from libraries in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area.  If the book you are looking for is available at another library in the Helsinki area, contact directly the library in question.

Borrow, renew, make reservations

Loans for personnel Library card

  • loan periods of 14 days or 28 days
  • Haaga-Helia staff loans are automatically renewed 15 times if
    • there are no reservations on the loan
    • the loan has not already been renewed 15 times
    • you do not have unpaid fees € 15 or more.
  • no overdue fees for Haaga-Helia library's books (however, there are overdue fees for Laurea and Metropolia's books)
  • a maximum of 100 loans at a time

If a loan cannot be renewed, you will receive e-mail reminders in accordance with library practices. To avoid overdue fees, return the loan within one week of the due date to any of the 3AMK libraries. 

Materials should be returned to the library before their due date if they are no longer needed. In this way our materials are available for use by all library customers.

Make a reservation or request books from other Haaga-Helia libraries in HH Finna .

  • Deliveries within Helsinki every working day, between Helsinki and Porvoo on Tuesday and Thursday. Deliveries to and from Vierumäki are mailed by post. Deliveries from Laurea and Metropolia to Haaga-Helia's Pasila campus on Tuesday and Thursday.
  • The materials you have ordered can be delivered directly to your post box, if your unit has such an arrangement in place.
  • a maximum of 50 reservations at a time

Checking your loans

You can sign in to your account and check your loans on HH Finna . Sign in to access your customer information using your Haaga-Helia user ID and password. If the loan has not been renewed, return the material or contact your library.

Return materials to

  • any of the Haaga-Helia campus libraries
  • drop box outside the library door (use when library is closed)
  • library's mail box

Saavutettavuusseloste / Accessibility Statement