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Library and information services for staff: Teaching information searching to students

Request a training session for your course

The library organises training concerning information searching at various stages in Haaga-Helia students' studies. Some degree programmes contain training on information searching, but a teacher may request the library to organise teaching on the subject for any course. The training can be tailored to suit the teacher's wishes and course tasks.

The library's information specialists and librarian are responsible for teaching information searching. When reserving a session for training in information searching, it is good to discuss the following:

  • The date of the training. Contact the information specialist at your unit in good time to ensure that the training session can be arranged when convenient for you.
  • The aims of the training
  • The time available
  • The task to be given to the students. Information search training best supports the aims of the study unit if the students are given a task relating to the subject of their study unit, in which they apply what they've learnt during the information search session.
  • Size of the group.
  • Language of instruction.
  • Where the training will take place. Reserve a classroom with the necessary equipment or ask the students to bring their own laptops so that they can practise searching information.

Contact the Information Specialist on your campus

Haaga: Katri Hollo; , tel. 040 488 7497
Malmi: Tuula Laurila , tel. 040 488 7148
Pasila: Saila Veijalainen , tel. 040 488 7492
Porvoo Campus: Suvi Korpi, tel. 040 488 7496
Vierumäki: Matias Laurila , tel. 040 488 7486, 040 354 1059


Training sessions open to everyone

Library arranges training sessions regularly during the academic year. They are mainly targeted for students working on their theses, but everyone is welcome to attend. Including staff members. 

Check our training calendar for more information on our training sessions.

Personal guidance sessions online

We offer personal guidance on information searching. The guidance sessions take place online, which allow students to participate anywhere: at school or home, even from work during lunch break. The online sessions are arranged via Adobe Connect. Sessions take 45 minutes. 

Students can register for the sessions  here .


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