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Library and information services for staff: Theses

Theses are always public to the Act on the Openness of Government Activities, theses are public documents. In accordance with instructions given by the Ministry of Education and Culture and Data Protection Ombudsman, theses may not be proclaimed secret. In other words, all theses completed at Haaga-Helia are public.

There are separate guidelines compiled by theses coordinators for Haaga-Helia thesis which concern trade and professional secrets  MyNet Studies > Thesis, Bachelor Programmes > Reporting Guidelines.

Publication process

All students are required to publish their theses in either the Theseus repository or in the HHthesis database. Theseus is a national repository for theses, while HHthesis is Haaga-Helia’s internal database.

The thesis process is outlined in MyNet at the page Studies > Thesis, Bachelor Programmes > Publication.

The group of thesis coordinators is responsible for the publication process of a thesis.

Information search training for students

Library offer students training in information searching

  • Thesis - Help! Information search training for students working on their thesis
  • Personal guidance sessions online
  • Sessions in thesis seminars

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