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Referencing: Tips for writers

How to find data for formulating your references

Searching for reference data in HH Finna or other database

HH Finna and several other databases have a function that helps you easily create a bibliographic reference that includes, for instance, the place of publication, or the name of the publisher. Search the bibliographic information of the book or article from e.g. HH Finna and click on Cite this (in other databases also Cite, Citation) to create bibliographic references. Remember to edit the citation so that it follows Haaga-Helia's guidelines on reporting and writing theses.

Source: Shuck, B. 2020. Employee engagement. a research overview. Routledge. Abingdon.

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To get a citation to a book in HH Finna., click Cite this.

How to find bibliographic references from a book

Required information is marked in red in the image.

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A picture of pages of book containing the information needed for a reference: title, author, publication year, publisher, and place of publication.

Tips for writers

  • When you find a good source, write it down immediately (RefWorks, Word file, paper...). If you do not take notes, you may not find the source again, and lose precious time on trying to locate it again.
  • When referring to a source, add the in-text citation immediately while writing, not afterwards. Adding in-text citations at the end of the writing project can be a slow and painstaking process.
  • If you are using Refworks and the Harvard referencing style, remember to consult your supervisor. Be consistent, stick to the same referencing system throughout your report.
  • Set aside plenty of time!
  • Be precise!
  • Mark only the sources you have actually read and used in your report. A list of references contains only the sources you have referred to in your writing, and vice versa.

Guides on research methods and academic writing

Search HH Finna for guides on academic writing and research methods.

Academic writing

Use search words like

  • academic writing
  • writing
  • theses
  • dissertations
  • report writing

Research methods

Use search words like

  • research methods
  • methodology
  • qualitative research
  • quantitative research
  • statistical methods
  • survey research

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