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Mendeley Reference Management: About Mendeley

About Mendeley

Mendeley is a reference management tool which you can use to

  • collect, save, and organize references
  • read source materials and make notes to them
  • add citations to your text
  • create a bibliography

Mendeley is not fully automatic. You need to check and correct or add missing data. Using Mendeley requires understanding of referencing principles.

Haaga-Helia’s library provides support for using the free version of Mendeley.

Quick guide: how to use Mendeley

Guidelines for writing reports specify Haaga-Helia's own citation style. However, you can also use the style Cite Them Right 12th edition - Harvard  available on Mendeley, which differs from Haaga-Helia's citation style. You should mention its use in the introduction of your report. It is also a good idea to discuss the use of Mendeley with your thesis advisor or teacher.

Follow these steps and you will get citations and bibliography to your paper in Cite Them Right 12th edition - Harvard citation style. The links take you to instructions in this guide:

  1. Create a Mendeley account and you will get access to Mendeley Web (instructions in section 1 here). If you like, you can also download Mendeley Reference Manager to your desktop.
  2. Install Mendeley Cite to Words and Web Importer in your net browser. Instructions in section 3 here.
  3. Create Collections in Mendeley, if you want to use them to organize references.
  4. Collect references to Mendeley. Always remember to select the correct reference type as well as check the references and edit missing data.
  5. Select citation style Cite Them Right 12th edition - Harvard in Mendeley Cite.
  6. Write your paper and get citations with Mendeley Cite. Page numbers are used in the citation style Cite Them Right 12th edition - Harvard, so remember to add them, when appropriate.
  7. When your paper is ready, create bibliography.
  8. Check the in-text citations and bibliography. Make sure you are using the correct citation style. For Haaga-Helia's reports, check how you need to edit the in-text citations and bibliography. If needed, edit the bibliography in Word.

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