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Mendeley Reference Management: Organize references into Collections

Collections in Mendeley

In Mendeley, references are organized into Collections.

Your account automatically has the following collections:

  • All References: all of your references
  • Recently Added: references added in the last 30 days
  • Recently Read:  displays the references for PDFs opened in the last 30 days
  • Favorites: ‘star’ a reference to automatically add it to your ‘Favorites’ collection
  • My Publications: this collection displays the publications that you have authored and claimed through Scopus Author Profile
  • Duplicates: Mendeley recognizes duplicates only if they are academic articles with the same DOI
  • Trash: references you have deleted from your library will remain here until you delete them permanently

The collections you have created are displayed in Collections.

Creating collections and organizing references into them

Create a Collection by selecting New Collection button in the left hand navigation panel. Give the collection a name.

There are two ways to move references to the collection. 

1. Drag and drop them.

2. Select references from the list. An action panel opens to the bottom of the page. Select Organize, then Add to Collection. References are listed in your collection and also in All references.

You can collect references to Favorites by clicking the star next to the reference.

Deleting references

You can delete unwanted references from your Mendeley account by selecting the reference, then the Delete button at the bottom of the page. If you want to delete a reference from one collection only, select the reference, then click Organize and Remove from Collection. The reference will remain in other collections as well as the All references collection.

Deleted refences are moved to Trash. You can Restore references in Trash or Delete permanently from Mendeley.

Mendeley Reference Manager or Mendeley Web do not currently have a functionality for searching duplicate references. You can sort references by Authors or Title, to make it easier to find and delete duplicates.

The free version of Mendeley offers 2 GB of space. For most users that is sufficient. You can check the remaining space by clicking your name on the upper right corner, then Settings and Subscription.

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