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Mendeley Reference Management: Start using Mendeley

1. Create an account

Create a Mendeley account (Create free account) at . Give your e-mail address (you do not need to use Haaga-Helia's e-mail) and password.

Kuvankaappaus Mendeleyn kirjautumissivusta.


If you already have an Elsevier account, for instance an account in Elsevier ScienceDirect, you can use that in Mendeley.

Haaga-Helia is not responsible for customer information in Mendeley.

2. Use Mendeley Web and/or desktop version Mendeley Reference Manager

Mendeley has two versions you can use. When you have created a Mendeley account, you automatically have access to Mendeley Web. If you prefer, you can download an additional desktop application Mendeley Reference Manager.

You can use both versions interchangeably. References you add to your Mendeley account and any changes to them are synchronized in both versions.

Mendeley Web

Log in at . Select Sign in:

Kuvankaappaus Mendeleyn kirjatumisesta.

Access Mendeley Web on the top of the page, click Library:

Kuvankaappaus Mendeley Libraryyn kirjautumisesta.

In Mendeley Web, you can organize and edit references you have saved in Mendeley. You can also read documents and make notes.

Mendeleyn web-versio.

Mendeley Reference Manager

Mendeley Reference Manager is Mendeley's version on your desktop. Installing the desktop version is not required. Mendeley Reference Manager and Mendeley Web have the same functionalities.

Old Mendeley Desktop version

Mendeley Web and Mendeley Reference Manager are still in the development phase. If you need more advanced functionalities, such as checking of duplicates, you can use an older version Mendeley Desktop. When the advanced functionalities are introduced in the newer versions, Mendeledy Desktop will cease to be in use.


3. Install additional programs

Web Importer

Web Importer add-on is used to add references to your Mendeley account.

You can also install Web Importer on Mendeley Reference Manager. Go to Tools.

Kuvankaapaus Mendeley Reference Managerin Tools-valikosta.

When you have installed Web Importer, you will see a red Mendeley icon on the toolbar of your internet browser.

N.B.! Web Importer works in most common browsers. If you encounter problems, switching to another browser might help.

Mendeley Cite

To insert citations and a bibliography to your text, you need to install the add-in Mendeley Cite to Word. It is compatible with Microsoft Word 2016 and newer versions, also in O365.

Install Mendeley Cite in Word. Depending on version either

  • select Insert, then Get Add-ins (picture below) or
  • select Home, then Add-ins.

Kuvankaappaus Wordin Insert-valikosta.

Search for Mendeley Cite and install it by selecting Add.

Valikossa Office Add-ins kirjoita hakulaatikkoon Mendeley ja asenna Mendeley Cite.

Use Mendeley Cite in Word on the tab References. Open Mendeley Cite by clicking the red button Mendeley Cite.

Kuvankaappaus Wordin References-valikosta.

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