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Mendeley Reference Management: Teamwork in Mendeley

Share references with your group

In Mendeley you can share your Collections with others. Members in a Private Group can

  • read PDF documents in the collection
  • make notes in PDF documents shared with the group.

You can create up to 5 Private Groups, which can have a maximum of 25 members. In Mendeley, there are no restrictions on how many groups you can be a member in.

How to create a group:

1. Click New Group at Private Groups. Give your group a name.

2. Click your own name at the top right corner, then Preferences.

3. The group you created shows in the window that opens in the bottom left corner. Click Invite members. Fill in the e-mail addresses of the people you want to invite and press Send invites.

References shared in a Private Group can be found under the section Groups. If you wish to cite such a reference in Word, you need to add it to your own collection first. In Word's Mendeley Cite, you can use the references in you own collections only.

N.B.! If you have imported references from shared RefWorks folders to Mendeley, only you can see the references. If you want to keep on sharing them, create a new Private Group in Mendeley.

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