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Using e-resources in teaching: Business information and cases

Information on companies, markets and consumers

Business cases for teaching

Search cases in databases

Some databases, incl. Business Premium Collection (ProQuest), Ebsco Academic Search Elite, and WARC, allow you to limit your searches by document type: case study, business cases, business plan, etc. In  Emerald part of the Emerging Markets Case Studies Collection is available.

Search cases online 

Business cases for teaching are widely available on the Internet. Many of them come with a fee, but free cases are also available. Although a business case is free, remember to check the user rights.

Free cases

There are many services on the Internet selling business cases. Usually, a teacher signs in at the service and purchases a case for each student group separately. The library doesn't buy cases. If you are interested in buying a case, please contact your own unit.

Some examples of cases for a fee