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Using e-resources in teaching: E-journals and magazines

On article and journal databases

Search for articles and journals using the databases on this page. The page includes sources of popular magazines and newspapers, as well as professional and research publications. Databases usually allow you to filter your searches by document type.

Peer reviewed (refereed) articles can be searched with filters "Scholarly journals", "Peer reviewed", or "Research article".

  • Peer review is a quality assurance tool used in science and research. Specialists in the same field of study evaluate research articles before they are accepted for publication.
  • Research publications provide information on the peer review process they use. To check if an article is peer reviewed, see the publication data in the database (click the link in the name of the publication) or visit the website of the publication.

You can search research articles also with HH Finna's Article search .

Journals and articles

Research journals

Database may include also other types of publications, see database description.

References to research articles

Popular newspapers and magazines

Databases where you can search for many journals and articles.
Databases where you can search for many journals and articles

Finnish journals and articles

Find journals and magazines by title

Search journals and magazines via HH Finna. Type the name of the journal or ISSN.

Find articles by name

If you want to check if Haaga-Helia has access to an article, you can use HH Finna's International e-materials search. Put the article title in quotation marks, for example "Big Data and consumer behavior : imminent opportunities".

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