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Using e-resources in teaching: Follow publications in your field

New materials in HH Finna

List of new books

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Alerts in HH Finna

When you are logged into your HH Finna account , you can save your search as a new item alert and receive information about new materials in your email. The alerts only work for book searches. If you want to follow new articles, subscribe to alerts in the article database.



Database alerts and RSS feeds

It is possible to order alerts - which help you to follow the newest research in your own field - for most databases used by Haaga-Helia.

For example, you can choose to follow a certain author's publications or articles which deal with a topic you have specified.

In some databases you can select a TOC (Table of Contents) alert, which means that you are sent the table of contents of the newest edition of a magazine or journal. Alerts can often be ordered either to an e-mail account or as RSS feeds.

The use of alerts services may require you to create an account with the database service. If you do not wish to use automatic alerts, you can save the database searches you carried out to your own user account and re-execute the searches at a time convenient for you. You can find the newest materials by organising the search results according to date of publication. You can also save useful materials to your user account or select the format in which your search results are shown.

Example: creating an alert in Ebsco databases:

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