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How to search for information: Research and theses

Universities of Applied Sciences

Haaga-Helia's internal thesis database 2014-2021.

Theses and dissertations worldwide

Research and theses from Finland

Research articles

There are several alternative ways to search for research articles.

Which way do you prefer? Compare article search tools (pdf) .

Peer reviewed (refereed) articles

Peer review is a quality assurance method used in science and research. Specialists in the same field of study evaluate research articles before they are accepted for publication. Reviewers evaluate sources, research methods, research data, and the conclusions of the article.

Many databases allow you to limit your search to peer reviewed materials.In addition, research publications provide information on the peer review process they use.

To check if an article is peer reviewed

  • limit your search to peer reviewed,
  • see the publication page in the database (click the link in the name of the publication) or
  • visit the website of the publication.

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