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How to search for information: Welcome

Information about this guide

Welcome to the guide How to search for information!

In this guide you will find tips for your information searches, including

  • defining the search topic
  • formulating searches
  • various information sources
  • evaluating search results

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If you need more help in information searching

Take part in our information search training

  • targeted to students working on their theses, but anyone can attend
  • more information in our training calendar

Ask for help

Using library materials

Print materials

  • library card needed for borrowing


  • all e-resources (e-books, e-articles and e-journals, databases) are accessed with Haaga-Helia's user ID (HAKA login)

The e-materials offered in the network of Haaga-Helia solely intended for use by Haaga-Helia students and staff for personal study and research purposes. Secondary use of materials is not permitted.

Typically, the conditions of use cover the following:

  • How and for what purpose the e-material may be used
  • Who may use the material
  • The physical location (place of use) where the material may be used
  • How the material can be copied, printed, etc.
  • In general, the conditions of use exclude all commercial purposes

The user is always responsible for reading the conditions of use, and they must be read before using the e-material in question. Copyright legislation does not recognise the concept of “good faith" (i.e. if a person does not know or hasn't read the content of the conditions of use, it does not relieve him/her from liability for the misuse or unlicensed use of the material).

More information on user licences