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How to search for information: Welcome

Information about this guide

Welcome to the guide How to search for information!

In this guide you will find tips for your information searches, including

  • defining the search topic
  • formulating searches
  • various information sources
  • evaluating search results

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If you need more help in information searching

Take part in our information search training

  • targeted to students working on their theses, but anyone can attend
  • more information in our training calendar

Book an appointment for personal information search guidance

We arrange personal guidance sessions on information searching. For quick questions, book a time for Info Express (max. 15 min). We do our best to arrange an Info Express session as quickly as possible.

If you need more help with your information searching, book a time for Personal Guidance Session. These longer sessions are suitable, for instance, if you need help with finding suitable source materials for your thesis.

Using library materials

Print materials

  • library card needed for borrowing


  • e-resources (e-books, e-articles and e-journals, databases) are accessed with Haaga-Helia's user ID (HAKA login). Exceptions are instructed in connection with the database.

Materials can be used for study, teaching, or research purposes only. Use for commercial purposes is prohibited. Material-specific terms of use are available on A-Z Databases list or from the library.

The user is always responsible for reading the conditions of use. In general, the conditions of use exclude all commercial purposes. The terms of use usually determine, among other things

  • how and for what purpose the e-material may be used
  • who may use the material
  • how the material may be copied, printed, etc.

Saavutettavuusseloste / Accessibility Statement